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Complete Mould Removal And Remediation Done By Professional Mould Removal company in Brisbane

Welcome to our mould removal and remediation service in Brisbane.  As a complete water damage and flood damage restoration company, we offer complete mould removal service in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Southeast Queensland.

 If you are visiting this page, then there are high chances that your home of office in Brisbane is impacted by mould. With years of experience in mould remediation, we understand that how important it is to remove mould immediately, as it can be a serious health hazard if not treated for a long time.

When your home is flooded or if there is a leak in the plumbing system, it can cause mould growth. If you are experiencing mould growth in your home, then it is best to hire a professional mould remediation service in Brisbane.

When compared to carpet drying, mould removal is a tricky process. The reason is, that moulds tend to grow and spread along the wall and the depth of the mould growth can only be assessed by experienced mould removal experts.

It is not advisable to remove mould by yourself using store-brought mould removal products. Removing mould by yourself can sometimes work when you have a small amount of mould. But when the mould growth is deep and large, it is best removed by experts.

That’s where we come in, our mould removal service with experienced team and latest equipments can get rid of any mould present in your home or office.

Why you should remove mould immediately

When left untreated mould can damage the structure of the building and may lead to huge repair costs. Apart from this, moulds can also cause allergies and can impact the health of the whole family or people in your office. And if you have children at home, they can easily get allergies and colds due to mould. 

So, when you notice mould growth at your home or in your office, it is best to hire a mould removal expert in Brisbane, to analyse the growth of the mould and remove the mould completely.

Our mould removing process

As a professional mould removal company in Brisbane, we will first try to find the origin of the mould. We will inspect and find if the mould growth is due to a plumbing leak or from any other source.

Once we identify the reason for mould growth, we will fix that problem. If the mould growth is due to a leak in the plumbing, we will fix the leak.

We will then analyse how deep, or how big the mould has grown. Based on the analysis, we will plan the removal process and then we will completely remove the mould.

Once the mould is removed, we will dry the structure around the affected area. This will ensure that there will be no wet patches on the wall and it will prevent future mould growth.

After drying the structure, we will also deep clean the whole building and make sure that the building is completely free from mould.

Why choose our mould removal service in Brisbane?

We are a team of professional with years of experience, training, and we update ourselves with the latest equipments that will help us to remove mould completely.

With latest equipments and training, we can handle and remove all types of mould from your office or home in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We also use environmentally friendly products, so that its soft on the walls and building materials.

Our team is available 24/7, you can give us a call any time and we will try to reach your location within an hour.

We also help you with the insurance claim process. We know exactly what information and photos to give to get your insurance approved.

Moreover, we provide our service to all regions of Southeast Queensland. We offer our mould removal service from Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane. All Brisbane City and Brisbane South Regions, Gold Coast North down to Northern Rivers.


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Terry Baxter

I was happy with your service. I was happy with your price. I was happy with the results. I will be happy to recommend you to family, friends and others. Thank you for your professional service.

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Great Value and fully professional, completed the works in no time at all. I am totally satisfied. Best in value but no decrease in quality, many thanks for the excellent service, throughout our ordeal.

Grant T.

They arrived just 1 hour after I called. They needed to act quickly to minimise the damage after my basement flooded, and they took care of everything. They were professionals and walked me through the entire process. I know for sure that their quick response saved me a lot of money. Thanks to you all.