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Premier Restoration is all about exceeding your expectations.

From Small Beginnings over 25 years ago

We don’t just want to do things differently — we won’t be satisfied until we produce the best possible outcome for your property.

This has been our inspiration since the inception of the parent company in 1996, and we continually strive to provide you with a high-quality result upon completion of all projects, big or small, that we are proud to hand over and believe one that is truly unmatched in the industry.

In the early days we recognised two things:

  1. Far too much of the water damage responses and subsequent remedies are performed by individuals, and even companies, that have too little training and/or experience. To truly remediate any level of water damage the operator/s need more than just a carpet cleaning machine doubling as a water extraction unit. And without experience they have no idea of what will occur withing a month or so of their departure from the job! 
  2. This meant that those that engaged the services of such people simply did not get value for money. And they almost certainly did not have the damage incurred by the water damage remedied. As a result, people found they were forced to either call them back to once again attend to the project they failed to complete or as in most cases, they had to call in a professional company who would take care of the mess left by previous workers and finish the job once and for all.

As a professional flood and floor coverings restoration company, we were determined to carry out the job we were requested to do and believed that we are not in competition with these industry players. The more horror stories we heard, the more determined we became to have the wealth of knowledge available within the industry via the many training courses and seminars that we continue to attend.

We have not deviated from our determination to provide the best water damage restoration service and we continue to grow in experience and services offered.

It is this in-depth knowledge of a wide range of flood damage restoration secrets that now sets Premier Restoration apart from our competitors.

Unmatched commitment to customer service

Premier Restoration has developed a solid reputation in the industry as the company to turn to for advice and solutions for not only flood and water damage but for any type of flooring issue. We distinguish ourselves by offering a level of service never experienced before in our sector — the willingness to work around your schedule!

We’re committed to ensuring you are always treated with respect. We will never assume that you’ll continue to do business with us time and time again — that would be complacency!


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Nobody knows when an emergency is going to crop up and for that very reason we are here when you need us

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So many water overflows and burst pipes happen in homes. We know how to help regardless of why

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From shopping malls to factories, from large to small, we have the skillset to assist commercial & industrial premises