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Looking for a wet carpet drying service in Brisbane?

When you have a wet carpet in Brisbane that is completely soaked in water, then it is better to call a professional carpet drying service in Brisbane.

Carpet drying is a tedious process, best done by professionals. But before calling the professionals, you can also try to dry the carpets by opening the windows or by using wet vacuum cleaners and dehumidifiers. 

How long does it take to dry a wet carpet

Depending on the type and size of carpet you have, drying by air can take a few hours to a few days. You can use the below tips to speed up the carpet drying process. But if you have a large carpet and if it’s completely underwater, then it is better to call an experienced carpet drying company in Brisbane

Tips to speed up the carpet drying process

The first step is you can use a towel to extract excess water from the carpet. Repeat the process as needed. In this process, it’s important to change the towels when they are completely wet. 

You can also use high-speed fans and a dehumidifier to dry a wet carpet. Fans and dehumidifiers can blow dry air across the carpet and this will speed up the process of drying a wet carpet.

Apart from using dry towels, you can also use a wet vacuum cleaner to extract excess water from the carpet. Wet vacuum cleaners are specially designed to extract water, these are different from the ones we use for regular house cleaning. Using the wet vacuum cleaner will also speed up the carpet drying process.

The above tips are only for carpets that are partially wet and small in size.

When it comes to carpet drying, a professional cleaner will have the best equipment and expertise to get the job done. 

When you have a flooded carpet, it should be immediately fixed. Because, a wet carpet is a breeding ground for fungus, mould, and bacteria

When you leave a wet carpet unattended for a long period, the carpet will be completely ruined beyond repair and you may even need a new carpet. 

For any requirement related to wet carpet drying, you can call Premier Restoring. We provide 24/7 wet carpet drying service in Brisbane all 365 days, and we have a team of professionals who have decades of experience in drying and repairing wet carpets in Brisbane.


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